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Dr. David Gallup, Dr. Adam Milmont and Associates at Hilltop Family Dental in Casper, WY are proud to provide state-of-the-art general and cosmetic dentistry. Since our practice opened in 1980, our dentists and staff have been committed to providing every patient with the highest quality care and service. We focus on helping our patients achieve and maintain both immediate and long-term oral health. We care about you, your family, and your wellbeing. You can count on our team to be honest and upfront about your dental needs.

We have a professional and caring staff. Each member is CPR Certified for Healthcare Providers and committed to delivering services in a professional, warm and caring environment. We are always welcoming new patients to our practice and are proud to serve patients from across Wyoming.

Our general dental services include:

Dental Exams & Teeth Cleaning

In order to maintain good oral and dental health, it is important to have regular dental exams and teeth cleanings. These appointments are important for patients of every age. During your visit, we will remove any tartar or plaque buildup from your teeth. This aids in cavity protection. In addition, throughout your cleaning, we will check for any signs of gum disease, irregularities, and signs of oral cancer. Your cleaning concludes with flossing and polishing of your teeth.

Dental X-Rays

Instead of using traditional film, digital x-rays use small sensors. Among the advantages of using digital x-rays are: it uses 80-90% less radiation, saves time, and allows our team to view enhanced images of your mouth and teeth. These images give us the clearest view of your tissues, while reducing the amount of radiation you are subject to.


Dentures provide a great restorative option for individuals missing most or all of their teeth. For patients who retain some of their natural teeth, a set of partial dentures may be recommended. Both dentures and partials are designed to enhance your smile and are made to look like your natural teeth. A set of full dentures may even give you a better smile than you had before! We work with each patient to determine which restoration option fits their dental health needs.

Gum Disease Treatment

Because your gums provide the foundation for your teeth, is important to keep them in good health. When your gums are not healthy it can cause greater problems for not only your oral health, but your overall health. Your gums will be examined during your routine exams. To help keep your gums healthy, we will clean the pockets along the gum line. This helps prevent gingivitis and gum disease. If you are showing signs of gum disease, we will discuss with you the available treatment options. Our goal is to restore your dental health.

Root Canals

A root canal, or endodontic therapy, is necessary if a cavity has reached the pulp of a tooth. If you have experienced severe trauma to your tooth, a root canal may also be required. A root canal involves cleaning out and disinfecting the interior of a tooth and removing the infected pulp. We then seal the canals of the roots to prevent future bacterial invasion. Finally, the tooth is restored with a crown or filling, which provides a strong end result. This restores the tooth to normal strength and function.

Pediatric (Children’s) Dentistry

Since they are still growing, children and adolescents have different dental health needs than adults. Our professional team focuses on helping younger patients feel confident, comfortable, and safe in our care. We strive to make children feel at ease throughout every phase of treatment — before, during and after. By developing positive associations with dental visits at a young age, it can help a child establish good oral health habits for life.

TMJ Treatment

The temporomandibular joint (TMJ) consists of the two joints that connect the temporal bone and lower jaw. Many individuals experience a popping or clicking sound when opening or closing their mouth. It is also common for patients to suffer from headaches or migraines. A variety of factors can lead to TMJ disorders including teeth grinding, misaligned bites, joint dislocation and more. If you are suffering from a TMJ disorder, we will work with you to determine which treatment option best fits your needs. These include custom-fit oral appliances, physical therapy, relaxation techniques, and more.


If you grind your teeth in your sleep, a dental night guard can help prevent further damage to your teeth. The unintentional clenching and grinding of the teeth is called Bruxism and has many causes. This affects about one-third of the population. With a custom-fit oral appliance, you can reduce your teeth grinding and clenching, while protecting your teeth.

Tooth-Colored Fillings

Our practice uses natural tooth-colored fillings or composite fillings to restore teeth after cavities have been removed. In addition, a filling helps prevent future decay by saving natural tooth structure. This is a more conservative restoration option than amalgam/silver fillings. This type of filling can also protect against broken teeth, improve tooth stability, color, and strength. The composite material is carefully matched to your tooth structure, and is virtually undetectable once it’s placed.

Restorative Dentistry

This type of dentistry is dedicated to restoring an individual’s teeth to it original shape, size, and function. Our practice utilizes a range of restoration options to ensure you can regain your oral health. From replacing missing teeth through dental implant surgery to restoring teeth with dental crowns, our goal is to prevent future complications or decay. For more information about dental restorations, please contact our office today.

Nitrous Oxide

Nitrous oxide is also known as laughing gas and is safe and effective for patients of all ages. This type of dental sedation is a good fit for patients who have dental anxiety or nervousness associated with dental procedures. It is one of the safest sedatives in dentistry and allows the patient to remain responsive and conscious throughout the procedure, while helping them feel calm and relaxed. The gas is administered through a flavored mouthpiece, is non-addictive, and is quickly eliminated from the body through normal breathing.

For more information about our general dentistry services, or to schedule an appointment, please contact Hilltop Family Dental  at (307) 237-1801 today. We look forward to caring for you and your family.

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